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The revolution for your tacklebox...

the innovative bait needle


Simple centred piercing of the boilies - no more pre-drilling with hard baits - no more touching the ball!


Due to the ergonomic shape and the ingenious technology the needle is easy to use - furthermore the size of the needle is adjusted to every common tacklebox!


Because of the innovative construction even through piercing the hardest Boilies nobody could hurt themselves again - the fingers are protected!

one tool for all carp baits - hard boilies, dipped boilies, corn, pellets, tiger nuts, ...

one bait tool for all carp baits


With this bait needle, boilies are always pierced centered and thus the baits are always perfectly presented on the hair. In addition, hard baits no longer have to be pre-drilled, as this is no longer an issue due to the functional design. wizetackle has always paid attention to a safe use of the needle in order to make the handling of pointed objects as safe as possible even for young anglers.

The best thing, however, and therefore a world novelty, is that the bait/boilie to be mounted no longer needs to be touched. This means that when boilies are lying in the dip, they are simply picked up with our needle and then mounted without getting their fingers dirty.

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