We are wizetackle – Jürgen and Karlheinz. Jürgen is a passionate carp angler and Karlheinz likes to visit Jürgen fishing at the lake. At these sessions we thought about product ideas for carp fishing and we noticed that all bait needles cause the same problems. Moreover all existing bait needles have remained unchanged for decades and have not been further developed.

This is where the product idea came from – the innovative bait needle. After a myriad of prototypes, the current final prototype is now ready for series production. The innovative bait needle offers several decisive advantages over conventional bait needles. See: the innovative bait needle. It is the first product of our start-up wizetackle.

Wizetackle only develops products with a high degree of innovation, i.e. we do not copy but we will realize new meaningful products which will enrich the market for the next decades.

REAR: Karlheinz - Marco - Daniel - /// - FRONT: Markus - Jürgen - Michael


Part of wizetackle are also all our partners, like a really good constructor, product photographer and all our partner companies which you can find under “references & partners“.

When you are buying one of our products you are also becoming part of the awesome wizetackle community which stands for making carp fishing even more beautiful and convenient. We stand for innovative products with high quality and great benefits.