bank story #01/2020

bank story #01/2020

In our first bank story, we explain what we stand for and what distinguishes us. Furthermore we will explain to you what a bank story actually is.

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wizetackle – the guys behind

We are wiztackle – Jürgen is a passionate carp angler and Karlheinz enjoys nature and visiting the lake. During our fishing trips we were constantly thinking about what we could improve for the benefit of the carp angler. The idea of the innovative bait needle came to our minds.

team wizetackle
Karlheinz – Jürgen

The innovative bait needle is our first product and you can rest assured that more innovative ones will follow. Our motto is that all our products must have an added value as well as a certain degree of innovation. We want to enrich carp fishing and improve your fishing in many different ways.

What a stunning mirror.

When you buy one of our products you become a part of the wizetackle community and you can rely on an unbeatable service. We stand for innovation in carp fishing, whereby the quality of our products always comes first.


We will do our best to support your and our passion in all areas. We want to ensure on a long term basis, that the community of wizetackle is sustainable and will bring a clear added value to you and the environment.

What is a bank story?

A bank story is something written or a video, which communicates the spirit of carp fishing. With those stories, our whole team wants to tell about their trips, adventures and experiences to transfer our knowledge to you. Every month a new bank story containing valuable content will be published.

Cool setup.
A nice common.
A perfect fish.

We want to show you tips & tricks and we want to explain our strategies & targets to you. You will get benefits out of it for sure reading our stories. With our inputs, your your next session will be a great success.

In this sense: open your eyes, be wize
Your wizetackle-team!

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