bank story #02/2020

bank story #02/2020

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Foreword: “The ball is rolling”

The 2020 season is in the starting blocks, some lakes have been ice-free for a few days and most carp anglers are already on pins and needles. We will publish our first bank story at the start and a new one will follow every month.

Wizetackle is growing steadily and to cope with this flow we have gotten support. Four guys are now new to the wizetackle team. All of them have been chosen with care for their skills and competences. In this issue the focus is on introducing the new faces around wizetackle.

Furthermore, we would like to show you a rig in which we have a lot of confidence and we also use it ourselves, as it works very well – according to the motto “simple but good”. All components you need are listed and described in detail by us.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time. Have fun reading! In this sense – “open your eyes, #be_wize”

Part 1: Introduction of the wizetackle team anglers


Full name: Marco Schaffer

Fishing since:  >20 years

Strengths: Sociable / social media / coordinator / every free minute at the water

Instagram: m_carp08

A long friendship since kindergarten connects Jürgen and me. We spent the first nights together at the water at the age of 10-12 years and many more unforgettable trips followed. When Jürgen and Karlheinz started wizetackle, I was there from the beginning as a supporter from the circle of friends. Their first product, the innovative bait needle, revolutionized the tackle box to date by many. A new way of handling the application of carp baits is now possible and simplifies the handling of very hard and/or dipped baits. There are big plans and further innovative ideas in the room, which can only be realized with a team. One thing led to another, I quitted my other cooperation and can therefore support the boys actively with my accumulated experiences of the last years, be it new product ideas, team coordination or planning of the processes at fairs. I am looking forward to the challenges with a strong team.



Full name: Michael Schwinger

Fishing since: >11 years

Strengths: Attention to detail / Graphics / Design / Sees the world through a lens / The cook

Instagram: michaelschwinger

The first fishing attempts began at a creek with my father not far from our house. Later on, I started with my cousin and I fished smaller ponds in the area. In the meantime I took a break, but for more than eleven years now the “carp virus” has fully infected me again.

Another big hobby of mine is photography. Fishing and photography can be combined very well, I got the chance to test the “innovative bait needle” in 2019 and got it in front of the lens. I was immediately enthusiastic about this product of the company wizetackle. I got to know Jürgen and Karlheinz better and was then allowed to take the first real product pictures of the innovative bait needle. The corporate culture is right and I can really show my perfectionism for pictures, as well as wizetackle their commitment to developing new products. My interests therefore are in the handling of graphical details and the creation of high quality pictures of all kinds.



Full name: Daniel Müller

Fishing since: >20 years

Strengths: Always the right instinct / distance throwing / fish guarantee / always 110% / Someone to lend a hand!

Instagram: daniel.mueller12

My father introduced me to fishing. As soon as I could walk the first steps on my own, I was always at the lake and tried to catch fish. No matter if small rudds, a biting pike or a big carp, everything was fine for me. In my childhood we fished for many years on a private lake, the whole family was there and we slept in our caravan.

When it comes to carp fishing, I am a real all-rounder, no matter if I use an inflatable boat for 300 meters or if I use my casting rods for distances of 150 meters and more. I like to be well prepared and ready for the different situations at bank side. My experience has shown that every session has its own peculiarities and often things turn out differently than you think. As there are only a few constants in my opinion, you have to be flexible in your fishing and adapt to circumstances.

Wizetackle consists of a great team, a contemporary philosophy and the WE has high importance for them. Exactly these aspects are needed to make the name great and to give carp anglers innovative products to make their time on the water more enjoyable, at the same time more efficient and effective. From this year on I will be intensively involved in the team and test the products on the water.



Full name: Markus Denk

Fishing since: >30 years

Strengths: Organisational talent / cup fishing / says what he thinks / good soul

Instagram: markusdenk06

At the tender age of six years I discovered my enthusiasm for fishing for carp. At the beginning I chased the finned fish in small creeks and ponds. After some time the creeks became rivers, the ponds became lakes and my hobby became a passion.

Through the acquaintances from the scene I got to know Jürgen from wizetackle and his innovative bait needle. I was immediately enthusiastic about the dedication and love for detail that went into the product. For this reason this bait needle is an fixed part of my tackle box, dirty fingers are a thing of the past and I can’t imagine life without it.

At the beginning of 2020 I got the chance to be a part of this innovative company. I will throw myself with full energy into the coming challenges and create something great with this great team.



Part 2: Line Aligner Rig – a step by step guide

Here we would like to present you a simple but very effective rig in a step by step guide. It is ideal for the presentation of sinkers, wafters or snowmen.

1 – needed components

You can see the components needed for the next picture. Important is a soft leader material and a hook shape like that of the Korda Continental, PB Super Strong, Carpleads H2, Solar 101 or similar.

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2 – tying the rig

The first step is to tie a small loop in which the bait can then be attached. The best way to do this is to use our innovative bait needle for support.

Thread through the cut leader material with a length of approx. 9.8 inches from the rear side towards the hook tip. The knot of the hair should be about 0.3 inches from the hook shank – see following picture.

Wrap around the shank of the hook 11 times up to about the height of the hook tip and then from the rear side towards the hook tip through the eye again.

The hair should leave the knot in alignment with the hook shank.

Perfect distance of the knot on the hair to the hook shank.

Now cut off a heat shrink tube at an angle. You can also use a finished line aligner and save the following steps. You can buy these from PB Products or Carpleads. Cut off the heat shrink tube with a length of about 0.6 inches.

Now place the hose with the needle at the shorter side of the slope and pierce it – see the following picture.

Now pierce the hole with the needle from the back side and pull the leader through the tube.

Then measure the rig to the correct length and cut to size.

TIP: For muddy ground 6.3 inches and for hard ground 4.7 inches.

Tie a loop and tighten.

The rig is now almost finished.

Now the heat shrink tube must be positioned correctly, alignment with the hook shank and then fixed with hot steam.

Now this is what the finished RIG looks like. We mount the bait in this variant with baitfloss. This way you can vary the bait size and don’t always have to tie a new rig.

3 – attaching the bait

Now pull up the Boilie with the innovative bait needle.

Then pull the knot of the loop on the hair into the boilie, this prevents the bait from slipping. As a support the tensioner of the innovative bait needle is used. Here because of the simple, better explanation of the rig, the bait is touched, but this would not be necessary.

TIP: If you have for example sunscreen or mosquito repellent on your hands, you should always use the tensioner to avoid contaminating your baits.

The Boilie should be positioned at the hook shank as in the picture, then the perfect position is given. Then cut the bait floss and melt it with a lighter. With softer baits it is advisable to include a stopper, because the boilie holds better on the hair.

Good luck, try it out and you will succeed.

Your wizetackle team!

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P.S.: What do you think about step by step guide and the Line Aligner Rig? Feel free to write your answer in the comments section.

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