bank story #04/2020

bank story #04/2020

Four sessions – four lakes

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Foreword: “New year – new baitz“

The rather mild winter is now finally over and many waters have been fished continuously this year. This was possible because ice formed only seldom to little. Our teamers went out to the water for the first time in mid-March.

Marco and Daniel were on the way on an old gravel pit and Jürgen on a completely new created / renovated former breeding lake with almost 17 hectares of water surface. Markus spent a few days at a public lake and Daniel went out for a second time with his girlfriend for a weekend at another gravel pit where he had fished as a child.

To sum up, we fished on four different lakes to prove that our new baitz can be used universally. At no session we fed in advance. It is important to us that the baitz are effective instantly and not only accepted by the fish after long feeding campaigns.

This bank story is a bit longer due to the current situation, so that you have something nice to read even now in these difficult times. Have fun browsing through it!

Part 1: The “old gravel pit”

Daniel and I had planned to go to the old gravel pit for two nights in mid-March. There we have for the first time an annual ticket, unfortunately no day tickets available.

No sooner said than done. Daniel was already at the water after dinner at about 2 pm and was getting his rods ready in the pouring rain. Professionally I came home later and unfortunately, I was only at the lake around 7 pm. Since I prefer to always set my rigs perfectly, I decided to prepare everything so that I could start the next morning at first sunlight. Besides, I didn’t want to go over Daniel’s spots by boat to not scare off any fish. Furthermore, I could also help him with taking pictures etc., should the night bring a fish. The situation at the water was difficult to estimate, because we had our new baitz with us and the water was rather unknown to us.

Baitz mounted on the rig!
Here we fished a rig variant, which is very resistant against twisting of the hair by small fish. This way we could be sure that the rig would always lie perfectly. You can also use a Curve Shank as a hook.
Ready rigs.
The rigs are ready.
Waiting for action.

The first half of the night was quite calm. Around 01:00 o’clock we were lively for a short time and pondered a little bit, because other fishermen had quite good catches the days before at this water. We dozed off again and at 01:30 we had the first run of six more fish in the second half of the night. Of these Daniel was able to land five fish up to over 25kg/55lbs. Sleep was out of the question and it was a night that will definitely be remembered. So we knew, the new boilies are great and will be accepted by the fish!

Retainer slings.
The last few hours have been intense.
First one over 22kg/48lbs.
The first of the heavy series with over 22kg/48lbs.
Very distinctive fish due to the almost missing pectoral fin.
Full effort to take the perfect photo.
One of the big commons which cracked the 25kg/55lbs mark.
Perfect lunch and afterwards a short nap.
Daniel’s most important components at a glance.

The day went by without action and before it got dark all rods were back on the spots with fresh baitz. Fresh baitz because there are a lot of small fishes in the water and we wanted to make sure that the baitz were still good for the night. Fishing with baitz smaller than 20mm was almost impossible and so we either mounted two 20mm sinkers or a snowman with 20mm plus 16mm.

On the next trip we will definitely fish with 26mm boilies and hardhook baitz to give the pests no chance.

The next night stars were clear and much cooler, with temperatures below freezing. Just as well that around midnight we ran out of gas for our heating and I only had my thin blanket from the sleeping system with me – Shit Happens! Unfortunately, the drop in temperature also affected the fish and only one rod was effective during the night.

The next day bright blue sky and no cloud far and wide. On the opposite side of the lake some fallen trees were sticking out into the water and exactly in this area we also observed some fish which showed up on the surface. Everything was clear for us. The fish moved from the open water to the edges, where the shallow water is. Everyone grabbed a rod and positioned it on the opposite bank near the trees. In addition, a handful of boilies and a few particles. In the next three hours three more fish could be caught.

Traps in front of the trees brought the last fish of the trip.
Not a rare picture of Daniel, the rod was once again curved and the plan worked out.
Also I could caught one!
The pearl of the trip.
The baitz after a night in cold water, you can clearly see how they work.

Then we started our journey home around noon. All in all, the session was a complete success and the new baitz were convincing in every respect. We were able to catch fish with both sorts and are convinced that many more will follow.

Tight lines,

Part 2: Wooden gravel pit

At the same time as Marco, Daniel and Jürgen, I was also at the water to enjoy the first hours of sunshine. Of course, also because I was already so excited to try the new baitz. What can I say, I’m EXCITED!

A good friend and I decided to try our best at a gravel pit with a size of about eight hectares. Full of zest for action we started looking for suitable spots and mounted our rigs with the new boilies. Instead of a conventional bait needle I have been using the innovative bait needle for quite some time now. It has practically become a part of my tackle box and I can’t imagine life without it – I can only recommend it!

Back to the lake: As the bottom is covered with old wood it was anything but easy to find good spots. On the boat, armed with a tapping pole and pool goggles, we tried to find good spots in the shallow parts of the lake, which we succeeded.

The first night came and we could put the first carp on the mat. More followed and luckily one of them exceeded 15kg/33lbs. All in all, the short session was a great success. The new baitz are working, the confidence is there, spring can come!


Part 3: Private lake

After the first test of the baitz last weekend with Marco, a week later I spent three days with my girlfriend at my home waters. Also a very old gravel pit with about 4 hectares of water surface and a good stock of carp. I estimate the average weight to be about 12/26 to 14kg/30lbs.

Without great expectations I started the session and was curious what will happen in the next 48 hours. In the first night I did not bring out the rods at about 2 o’clock anymore – I didn’t have a quiet minute! From the afternoon on I could catch 8 fish and even one with over 20kg. This is a rarity in this water!

One of the few big fish from this lake.
When the sun came out, the RX+ screamed again.

Around noon I even drove to Marco to get his last baitz, because I had none left – used up! Also my girlfriend supported me drilling, it went run by run.

Fresh baitz!
Soaked in the original Liquid – a power!
The second sort!
Melina could drill a few times.
Girl power!

The second night went similarly and again I did not fish through. After two nights I had 17 fish and my baitz stock was again used up. The second test, at a completely different lake, was again a total success for me.

Tight lines,

Part 4: Pool with 17 hectares

First I would like to say a few words about the lake. It is an old breeding lake (Lake Saaz, located in the southeast of Austria), which has been completely renovated. A rising company, “The Koihof”, consisting of Marlies, Wolfgang and Philipp, have made it their business to create a paradise for carp anglers. In my opinion, they have succeeded in doing so! The following short video shows the big lake, which looks very interesting with its islands. You can see that there is still little vegetation, but this will change quickly, because many bushes and trees have been planted. In one or two years everyone will be looking for a fishing spot here, not only because of the exceptional fish, but also because of the beautiful site. At the big lake there are only annual tickets, at the second, smaller lake, however, from May 2020, day tickets for Matchanglers will also be offered.

How did I go about it?

Experience of other anglers is scarce, because fishing is only allowed since this year. Therefore I had to get information about the lake from elsewhere. How did I do that? By visiting the site a week before my first trip, to see, if and especially where the fish were showing up. I could see a few carp rising, as well as some tell-tale bubbles rising, which suggests that fish are feeding there. Fortunately for me this place was still free a week later!

What a view!

To make as little noise as possible, so that the fish are not scared away, I used neither marker nor spod rods at the beginning. I only used single PVA bags and cast them in different directions and distances. How I create these bags I will show you step by step with the following pictures. I used a simple rig consisting of a Solar “101” size 4 combined with a Korda “Kicker” size M and tied with a soft braided leader. You can see the whole thing in the following picture equipped with one of our new baitz.

The innovative bait needle in action.
Simple but effective.

Before this goes into the PVA bag I always use a “high riser”, because I have had the experience of a piece of boilies being impaled on the hook and the rod lying dead in the water.

Per PVA bag I take about five boilies and crush them with the “Krusher” from Korda.
Then I pour everything into a small shovel to make it easier to fill the bag.

I can recommend the PVA bag from Korda, here in size M in use. In my opinion the maximum to be able to throw good distances and to have as much bait as possible in place. As a reminder, I did not want to use a marker or spod rod at the beginning.
Before I put the rig into the bag, I tear both sides of the PVA bag about a third.

After that I place the rig with “high-riser” in a corner of the bag.
Now fill up to about two thirds with the crushed boilies.

Next I take a little bit of our test pelletz and finally the rest of the crushed boilies.
Now compress everything well, shake it a little bit. I grab the bag as you can see in the next pictures and rotate the whole thing about two times around the longitudinal axis. Thereby I put the rig in a way that it leaves the bag in the middle. The PVA bag is fixed with some saliva ^^.
Finally I fix the corners. This results in a very compact filled PVA bag, which is easy to cast. It is important that small holes are made in the PVA bag using a bait needle or similar, so that the trapped air can escape more easily.

It did not take long and my first for 2020 had landed 😊 …!
It is supposed to bring luck!

This colour!
I could book some more runs until the evening hours.

At night it was really cold, but that did not keep the fish away from our new baitz.

Even the water bucket was frozen.
Highest level!
Picture out of my bus.
What a beauty!

Fortunately I was able to caught additional beauties of the lake. In total I had 12 carps up to 16kg/35lbs in 20 hours. For me it is clear, the new baitz are madness!


Summary and outlook

As you have seen, the tests of our baitz-range have been very successful. We can proudly say that we will soon be offering you a high quality baitz-range for sale. Be curious what will come, you will be thrilled!

In the next bank story we will show you how we treat and prepare our baitz before each session. In addition to that we will give you insights of our new bait-range! Until then all the best, stay healthy and good luck for your next fishing trip!

Your wizetackle-team!

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