bank story #05/2020

bank story #05/2020

All about baitz

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Part 1: The concept – the new Baitz from wizetackle

For us, innovation is a must for new products. For this reason, our baitz were not spared from it! But what is the innovation?

The simple answer is the overall concept. It is our concern that your baits are always fresh, attractive and at the same time compatible for the carp. To combine these points requires a lot of experience, that’s why we got support from MMBaitservice. Together we want to go further steps and supply you with PREMIUM-baitz. Our motto for our baits is: “Small amount per bag, but maximum attractiveness.” This is especially true for our hookbaitz. These are delivered in small bags so that your hookbait is always fresh and does not lose its attraction for carp.

complete range

Why small bags?

Everybody knows that, bought a can of hookbaits and another one and another one and so on. In the end more than half of them are thrown away, because the baits are old, no longer smell and are rock hard.

W1 16mm wafter

Here is a small example:

In a conventional can are about 40 pieces of 16mm Boilies. In our bags there are exactly 17 pieces of 16mm Boilies. On average a can of hookbaits costs about € 10.00,-. Our hookbaitz cost €3.90,- per bag. This means that our hookbaits are cheaper compared to the competition. How so? We do not sell to any shop, our products are only available through our online shop and are only sold to end customers. Therefore we can offer you a higher quality at lower prices!

What other advantages do our small bags have?

The small units are airtight! Almost no conventional can is really airtight, so the hookbaits in a can change over time. They get harder and harder, smell weaker and become useless. With our bags the hookbaits always stay fresh. One bag is used and closed again with a pressure seal. The second reserve bag is only opened when the first one is used up. So you always have fresh hookbaitz!

W2 16mm hard

Here is another example:

When using hard-hookbaits you have to take care that they have a certain hardness as well as attractiveness. As already mentioned, conventional cans are not tight, so the baits in them become harder and harder and smell less and less. However, this does not happen with our bags. Here you let your hard-hookbaitz dry until it has reached the desired hardness. Then you close it again with a pressure lock and the degree of hardness as well as the intensity remains the same! This is an essential advantage when using our bags. Another positive side effect is that even less waste is produced. Our bags are recyclable.

Liquid in a bag?

Correctly heard, here again the same advantages result as with the hookbaitz bags. In addition, our bags are also opaque for the liquid. This results in a longer durability, because no UV radiation can penetrate. Another big advantage is that through this packaging 100% of the liquid can be used by simply squeezing it out. In addition, everything is also recyclable.

100% usage

You can find more details about the baitz here: LINK

Part 2: The two varieties – plus catches from Jürgen

Our tests have shown that both varieties are very catchy. However, the ingredients are very different and therefore the respective structure of the baitz is both extensive and complex. Why this?

We want to make sure that you are successful with our baitz on every lake. The two flavours are created so that either W1 or W2 is catchable. On several lakes we have been able to make first class catches with both at the same time. Based on our extensive tests we can say that you always catch with one or in the best case with both flavours. For this reason we recommend that you always have both types with you to be prepared for the worst case scenario.

W1: cream – seafood – proteins

W2: spice – carbs – vitamines

You can find more details here: LINK

Below you can see some pictures of the last session of Jürgen:

ready for take-off

My last session was really exhausting. A lot of fish and sleepless nights, but it was again awesome to see how carps like our baitz.

discussing new ideas with Karlheinz
a big fighter
preparing the rig

The rig I used, is the so called “Ronnie Rig”. It is perfect for fishing with pop-ups in weedy lakes. I caught both carps on that, one with W1 and another with W2 16mm pop-up.

16mm W1 pop-up

As a hook link I used a fluorocarbon, called IQ2, a softer version of the IQ from Korda. This softness makes it a multifaceted hook link material, which gives free movement to even quite light hook baits, like a single pop-up.

highlight of the session

If you have questions or want to know more about rigs, feeding techniques etc., just let me know. You can contact me via: LINK

Tight Lines, Jürgen

Part 3: Customer catches

One of our first enthusiastic customers is Mario. He has been fishing for carp for several years and therefore knows exactly what makes a good bait. Mario gave us his trust and was rewarded with great fish. You can see one of them here, as well as more pictures of the old gravel pit where he was able to outwit this carp.

good preparation is half the battle
perfect combination
beautiful common

Another satisfied and extremely successful customer is Georg. As a “newcomer” he tells you how he found his way back to carp fishing:


“Even as a child, fishing was a formative pastime that I like to think back to. My friend and wizetackle founder Jürgen was a constant companion on our fishing trips. When I started my apprenticeship as a cook, I had less and less time to fish and so I stopped.

Today I am 30 years old, married, father of a nearly 4-year-old daughter and sous-chef in a gourmet restaurant. The urge to escape the stress of everyday life and to have time for myself is great.

After some conversations with Jürgen, I realized how much I would like to pursue my old passion again. In short, here I am and now I would like to report on my first trip in 15 years.”

Tackle for beginners

“After I definitely knew YES I’m starting again I went in search of affordable equipment that would allow me to learn to fish again. In the beginning I searched countless online shops, but I realized that without help and advice I would not get far. Jürgen was immediately ready to help me and sent me link after link and so my list became longer and longer.

In summary, I can claim to have done everything right at price-performance ratio. Of course this is not everything you need for professional fishing, but I was able to test my equipment for the first time.”

The first session

“It was May 5th when I sat by the water for the first time in 15 years. I could hardly sleep the night before, because I always thought that I had packed everything and that I must not forget anything.

At the last minute, i.e. shortly before my departure, the last outstanding shipment arrived. So I could start into the long awaited fishing weekend.

Arrived at the lake, Jürgen was already waiting for me. He had arrived the day before and had already welcomed a few carp in the landing net, among them a really nice common with over 20 kg.

rig – training

With rainy weather and 20°C we had the perfect weather for fishing. I couldn’t wait to cast out the rods to land some nice fish.

this liquid is awesome

After the tent was set up and all my stuff was well stowed away, I could finally devote myself to the rods. My instructor explained everything to me meticulously and gave me every knot or bait to understand the accuracy that is around and on when fishing. My first fish were not long in coming, see for yourself!

my first fish after years
what a start
this is exactly what fishing is about – friendship

Looking back on my first fishing, I realize that I still lack a lot of know-how and equipment. But in the end I can be happy about 12 caught fish and even more about what is still to come (in carp).

Yours, Georg”

We wish Mario and Georg good luck for their next sessions and looking forward to more great pictures from you!

If you would like to present one of your catches in a bank story, just send us a few pictures with a description of how you caught the fish with your baitz to mail (at) You can also find more information about this in the FAQs.

Summary and outlook

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us, either via email at mail (at), or via Facebook or Instagram. We also offer you the possibility to order by phone and to ask your questions about carp fishing. You can reach us at: +43 677 63 40 46 50

Be curious about our next bank story. Until then all the best, stay healthy and good luck on the water!

Your wizetackle-team!

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