bank story #06/2020

bank story #06/2020

Session logs and customer catches

Table of contents

Part 1: Gravel pit and baitz

It was the beginning of May and I was finally able to get to my home water for a few days. So far this year there was hardly any time left for fishing besides work, apartment planning, COVID-19 etc. That is why I was really able to appreciate the time on the water with good food, friends and a glass of wine to recharge my batteries. Just live in the day, enjoy nature, spend time without stress and let your soul dangle.

steak always tastes good
burger time
the camp

In the beginning I started one rod with baitz W1/W2 and the third rod with particles. At this lake it is allowed to use a boat to bring out the bait as there is a lot of weed in the warmer months. Additionally some edges with shells strain the line. As I noticed quickly, there were some fish in my area, but unfortunately no carp. The rod with the tigers ran after a short time. After a hard drill, the first Asian in considerable size filled my meshes of the landing net. I took him to the shore and he brought 23,80kg/52lbs on the scale. After that two more Tolstolop around 15kg/33lbs, so I changed everything to boilies. The temperature of the water was already so high that the exotics were in full feeding mood.

my darlings
The way to success?
the hookbaitz hardly need any storage space and is always ready to hand

So I stayed the first 48 hours without the real target fish and struggled with the “pests”. On the third day I changed to another area of the lake where I could locate carps by rising air bubbles. No sooner said than done, after 15 minutes the first yellow with about 14kg/30lbs was in my mat and the plan worked out. It was a relief and the start of a real orgy.

The longed for carp is here!

The next 48 hours were really exhausting. In the afternoon I could register two really good fish, which brought in total over 50kg/110lbs on the scale!

The pointer levelled off at 26,30kg/58lbs!
The second with 24kg/52lbs of the double strike.
Also for me there was a refreshment between the drills/photo sessions.

A real highlight for me followed in the early morning hours and I had to look twice. In the beginning I thought of a small catfish, which is often a by-catch in the water due to the jerky drilling behaviour. But when it glowed orange like a highlighter under the boat I could only smile. One of the rare Koi carp of the lake caught my W2 Snowman. My colleagues were also very surprised.

Such an exotic can be seen more often…

In the afternoon I also got some good fish on the line. On this water I used our Baitz for the first time and W1 was clearly ahead here. Best combo was a 16mm hard hookbait as sinker combined with selective feeding.

PVA bag
Another one…
The fish were just before lovemaking.

See you soon and tight lines

Part 2: Session with friends

looking for spots

The long-awaited baitz delivery, delayed by the COVID-19 issue, was delivered directly to the lake, so there was plenty of material for the next three nights. I was already looking forward to the new hookbaitz, like wafter, hard and pop-up to finally mount them with our innovative bait needle to my rigs. The next days were all about reunion fishing, because I had invited a good friend to my home waters and we wanted to spend a few good days.

ready for action
here it comes…

The session was really something special, after a lot of smaller fish in the beginning, my feeding place worked from the second day on. This time I deliberately refrained from marking hard, prominent spots as usual. Fishing on the soft, muddy ground was my plan this time. At the beginning I fished with eye-catching baitz like pop-ups and snowman. Later, when the place was cleaned from the feeding carp, I only fished pure sinkers. This tactic was absolutely right and I was able to catch bigger and bigger fish towards the end. I was then able to catch the biggest carp of the water with over 22kg/48lbs.

the big one
be wize
little beauty
strong common
another good one

Once again I have seen that the baitz have been fully accepted and are not just a fast short term bait. In three nights I have fed over 10kg/22lbs and partly fished only during the day, but before going to bed another 1-2kg/2-4lbs are distributed on my places daily. I wanted the fish to have confidence in our baitz and be able to eat in peace. In the end there were over 30 carp that I was able to outwit.


All the best,

Part 3: Customer catches – Michael and Markus

Michael told us that he was/is successful in every usage of our W1/W2 – Range. “It gives you a good feeling when you can rely on the quality of the products” he said. He proved this again when he and his brother spent a spontaneous night on the water together.

what a beauty

The corona measures were loosened and finally I could go to the water. A small lake in the south of Styria, with quite good carp stock, was my goal. A few days of preparation with my neighbour Michael and off we went for the first session this year.

Michael told me about the Baitz from WIZETACKLE and I was very enthusiastic. Especially the W1-range was my favourite and I could hardly wait to catch my first carp this year.

first one of 2020
little piggy

Quickly I set up the camp, fed a few boilies with the tube and it went one by one. Run, shortly after double run….. we had our hands full.

Michael and Markus
Marco – Markus – Michael

Sleepless nights, everything just fit. We could catch many beautiful fish. Top Baitz of the WIZETACKLE Company.

All the best, Markus

Dear Michael and Markus, thank you for your trust – good luck and tight lines! We will certainly see many more good fish from you.

Summary and outlook

We would be very appreciated, that you try out our baitz – success guaranteed! Best wishes, we hope you like the bank stories, looking forward to see your catches!

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us, either via email at mail (at), or via Facebook or Instagram. We also offer you the possibility to order by phone and to ask your questions about carp fishing. You can reach us at: +43 677 63 40 46 50

Your wizetackle-team!

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