bank story #07/2020

bank story #07/2020

boat fishing – the beginning of the story

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boat fishing, the adventure – part 1

About 8 years ago Daniel and I went fishing at a large natural lake. We set up our tents at a camping site and tried to catch a carp. One day, about 100m from our shore, a kind of sailing boat without a mast passed by with a camouflage net that covered the boat. We saw something like that for the first time and watched the “strange boat” closely. At the stern we recognized a mounted Rod Pod. Now we knew that you can also fish for carp with a modified boat. The big advantage is that you can fish in places that are not accessible from the shore and you are very flexible. Cool thing we thought. A few years later we were back on the same lake again and to the left of our jetty we had a boat anchored that was completely made of aluminium with a big cabin on it. We inspected the thing and were really impressed. Only at that time it was simply not affordable for us. The price for such a boat depending on size and equipment 15000-30000 Euro. One must also calculate that one needs a suitable trailer and in consequence also a tidy towing vehicle. We speak from experience and had got stuck several times, here a SUV or transporter with four-wheel drive is clearly an advantage.

new territory

The aluminium boat was not available used and was not affordable new. So we had to find alternatives, because we wanted to try the adventure of boat fishing.

Said and done. Quickly we found a used former motorboat, which was already used as a fishing boat. We brought it home and started the renovation. The interior had to be rebuilt, the anti-fouling had to be renewed, the trailer had to be picked up, the electronics had to be wired and the battery supply had to be established. (Explanation anti fouling: This is a special paint on the lower outer skin of the boat, which is constantly under water. An own protective layer, so that algae etc. do not attack the polyester. For boats that are permanently under water, it should be renewed annually).  All in all a lot of work and costs, we had underestimated this a bit and quickly reached our limits. The boat with the trailer had nearly 3000kg and so we couldn’t drive it without a suitable towing vehicle and a driver’s license. Also the motorization can be really expensive if only electric is allowed.  One should consider all this before buying such a “monster”. Finally the boat was sold and the chapter “boat carp” was checked off – we were literally fed up.

the next attempt

A good year later we were back at this big lake. A nice accommodation with private lake access. We were sitting, as so often the whole week with hardly any fishing activity. We could not change much because we were tied to the place. We had to hope that fish would pass by. Suddenly one evening, Daniel found a used cabin boat on the internet that was much smaller and lighter than the one we already had. It was a very sought-after model among carp and catfish anglers, and often very rare and expensive to get, a three-keel Pilot520.

The boat was in good condition and was only used once a year at the sea. At the front the muzzle was adapted by the previous owner to be able to anchor better. The price was acceptable and a trailer was also included. We bought and renovated it, all sanded and painted in olive. A good half year we worked on it, often on the verge of despair.

two boats are better than one

During the work on the three-keeled boat we found an original Arynboat made of aluminium with tent construction on the internet. To get something like this close by is really a lucky strike. The boat was immediately ready for use and equipped for carp fishing. Because of the low weight it was drivable with the normal B license. We had to take the chance and bought the boat with the last reserves. Now we had a ready to use Arynboat and a half-finished three-keel boat at home. We went to our first sessions with the aluminium boat and continued working on the three-keeled at the same time.

first session

One week later we went to the water with the aluminium boat full of motivation and could spend our first weekend on the boat. After two years of dreaming and numerous setbacks we finally were on a boat for carp fishing. It was great, a completely different situation, no comparison with fishing from the shore. This gives carp fishing a whole new attraction. We were even able to catch a good carp and from that moment on we are enthusiastic about boat fishing 😊 …!

stay tuned…

Stay tuned for part 2, tight lines

Marco and Daniel

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