bank story #08/2020

bank story #08/2020

angling on a large natural lake in Carinthia/Austria

When it’s 30° degrees in the shade, you know that summer is here. Now is the time for me to use every day to be at the water. With Tackle and the Baitz in my luggage, I’m off to my home water, a natural lake of 1100 hectares in the south of Austria, more precisely in Carinthia.

Since my carp equipment is getting more and more, it took some time until my boat was finally ready to go into the lake. My heart was beating up to my neck and the anticipation rose with every meter I steered towards the lake. The search for the best spot was not easy. A couple of times I took the boat to “my fishing spot”. Unfortunately I did not see any carp anywhere. Now it was up to experience and luck to trust in order to lay out the rods for the perfect spot. I anchored my boat near a reed belt. Now I had enough time to take care of the rods in peace. One rod was equipped with a W2 hard hookbait and a W2 pop up, and the other with a W1 hard hookbait and the corresponding pop up. For feeding I used the W1 sinker, which I let dry for a few days to make it easier for the whitefish. Additionally I used a particle mix of corn and wheat.

I put the rods very close to a reed tip in shallow water. I fed 2 ladles of the particle mix and a hand of W1 Sinkers.

After 5 hours my first rod ran off and I was able to catch a fighting strong common with 30lbs.

I was happy and put the rod right back on the spot and fed a handful of boilies. But unfortunately there was no handler the rest of the day. In the evening I checked my rods again and put them back on the same spot. Now I had to cross my fingers again and hope that the night would bring another carp.

Philipp Dramberger carp

Unfortunately the night did not go as I had hoped. The disappointment was great, but I did not give up hope. In the early morning hours I checked the rods and put them out again. And lo and behold, it was worth it, it didn’t take long and my renewed attempt brought me luck once again. A beautiful scaly found the W1 Boilies irresistible and took me by the heels.

Thanks to the W1 and the W2 Baitz Range from Wizetackle I was able to outwit 2 awsome carps. My tactics worked and I had a wonderful time at my home water.

Philipp Dramberger

Philipp used the following products:

You can see, that our well aligned baitz ranges works on large natural lakes as well as on smaller flooded gravel pits.

tight lines,
your wizetackle team

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