wizetackle baitz

The wizetackle baitz range promises you the highest quality and unbeatable service. Our baitz offer you that certain something that gives you the decisive advantage.

What do we mean by that?

The basic structure of our baitz is designed in such a way that the boilies are very easy to digest and water soluble. It is important to us not to produce the boilies with unnecessary flavour, but to generate the majority of the attractors through the ingredients. Because of the good tolerability for the carp, they want to eat these baitz again and again. Due to the unique taste and smell, our baits have a distinctive recognition value for our golden friends and therefore trigger a real feeding frenzy. Especially if you fish at one lake repeatedly. For this reason, you will catch more and more with the W1 / W2 range the longer you set up your spot.

You can find the products and sets at the bottom of the page.

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Our partner MM-Baitservice has over 20 years of experience in the production of carp baits and uses only high quality ingredients (more than 20 different flours / attractors per variety). It was important for us, not to bring inferior mass products on the market, but to offer high quality baitz. We have full confidence in our products and have already achieved great success with them. The whole team wants to convince you that the baitz from wizetackle will give you the decisive advantage on the bank.

Your advantages at a glance:

+ Specially designed hookbaitz and liquidz for both ranges
+ Over 20 years of experience in baits production through our partner
+ PREMIUM baitz at the best price
+ Fresh production and delivery on request
+ Long-term success at your spot
+ Great attracting effect with little use
+ Continuous release of ingredients and attractors
+ High recognition value for the carp due to unique taste

IMPORTANT: Please use our specially designed hookbaitz range as your hookbait.


Our Baitz are preserved with a special alcohol compound. Why this? This compound has no influence on the taste, the alcohol compound evaporates as soon as the bait comes into contact with water.

In contrast to conventional preservation, which is done for example with potassium sorbate, sorbic acid or benzoic acid, our baitz are unique. The fish recognize these conventional preservatives in heavily fished waters and thus deter them. The most important thing is that our baitz do not contain these substances and therefore do not differ from “frozen” baits in taste or catch.

Your baitz can be kept for about 6 months.

  • Store in a cool and dry place
  • Carp baits are not suitable for human consumption
  • Produced by mm-baitservice (AUT)

Have a look at the underwater test where you can see the difference:

  • baitz range W1baitz range W1
    • baitz range W1baitz range W1
    • baitz range W1

    • 3,45 330,53 
    • The W1 range surprises with its indefinable and unique taste. This makes these boilies so extraordinary as well as irresistible for carp. Seafood and ocean proteins serve as a basis, which are rounded off with a creamy note. The nutritious ingredients make our yellow friends love this bait creation. The range consists of sinkers, hookbaitz (pop-up, wafter, hard) and a…
  • baitz range W2baitz range W2
    • baitz range W2baitz range W2
    • baitz range W2

    • 3,45 330,53 
    • The W2 range impresses by its recognition value for the carp. This striking explosion of taste gives the fish an unmistakable signal to feed. The basis is a mixture of spices combined with a vitamin variation, which is rounded off with essential oils. Here we can confidently say that our target fish react to this with jealousy about food. The…
  • pelletzpelletz
    • pelletzpelletz
    • pelletz

    • 6,99 
    • Our pellets are neutrally applicable, slowly sinking and suitable for the W1 and W2 range. With our liquid you can soak the pelletz the day before fishing and create the best attraction. The pelletz we supply contain a lot of fatty acids (omega 3), proteins and vitamins that carp cannot produce by themselves. That is why our favourite fishes are…