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The W1 range surprises with its indefinable and unique taste. This makes these boilies so extraordinary as well as irresistible for carp. Seafood and ocean proteins serve as a basis, which are rounded off with a creamy note. The nutritious ingredients make our yellow friends love this bait creation.

The range consists of sinkers, hookbaitz (pop-up, wafter, hard) and a liquid.

For details look at the description below.

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baitz range W1 – Details:



The W1 sinkers are supplied in practical 5kg units. You can choose between Ø 16, Ø 20mm, or Ø 26mm for the sizes.



Our W1 hookbaitz are delivered in a practical and at the same time recyclable stand-up pouch. Your baitz should always be fresh to have the best possible attraction. For this reason, we recommend that you always have at least two bags per hookbait, with one bag as a reserve.

A small amount per bag, but always fresh hookbaitz, gives maximum attractiveness!

An additional advantage of the bags is that they are resealable and take up much less space than a plastic can. Furthermore, they are also 100% airtight, which is not the case with conventional plastic cans. You can choose between Ø 12, Ø 16 and Ø 20mm. The content per bag depends on the size and looks like this:

  • Ø 12mm x 37pcs
  • Ø 16mm x 17pcs
  • Ø 20mm x 11pcs



With our pop-ups you can outsmart the one or other curious carp. The long-lasting buoyancy as well as the intensive smell are highly attractive and withstand playing small fish for a long time.

Why pink for W1?

The shorter the wavelength, the deeper/better the colour is visible under water. This is of course also related to the turbidity of the lake/river. As a simple rule, however, all colours in the direction of pink or violet are very well visible in the water.



Perfectly balanced, floating on the hair, these hookbaitz outwit even the most cautious carp. Made out of the basic mix of the W1 sinkers and equipped with additional attractors, this hookbait shows what is possible.

INFO: Wafters are supposed to eliminate the weight of the hook, what does that mean? A wafter is lighter in the water than a sinker boilie. The wafter with the additional weight of the hook behaves the same as a normal boilie next to it without a rig.



Attacks from crabs and small fishes are no problem for these hard hookbaitz. They are made like the wafters, out of the basic mix of the W1 sinkers. They are equipped with additional attractors, therefore these hookbaitz are not only extremely hard but also highly attractive.

Because of the hardness we recommend using the innovative bait needle, so you don’t need to pre-drill your baitz. A big advantage is that the hole in the bait remains also very small and therefore it stays stable in the water even longer. Furthermore, you can make your hookbait even more attractive with the W1 liquid and with the support of the innovative bait needle your fingers stay clean and safe.



For our high quality liquidz we use opaque and recyclable bags. Opaque, so that no sunlight can weaken the effect of your liquid and the durability is also not affected. Your Liquid consists of ingenious components, with which the W1 / W2 – range can be refined. We recommend that you do this at least two days before fishing, so that the liquid has enough time to absorb. Please note that the liquid is very intensive, so less is often more. The content per bag is about 250ml. Our unique bag allows you to use nearly 100% of the liquid – see for yourself!


Packages & Extensions

You can configure your individual package here or you use our preconfigured packages in our shop. In combination with our baitz-range W1, we also recommend our pelletz. They will fit perfectly, if you soak them with our liquidz. The carps will get into a real feeding frenzy!

Additional information

bait type

sinker, pop-up (hookbait), wafter (hookbait), hard (hookbait), liquid, boozter

bait size

12mm x 37pcs, 16mm x 17pcs, 20mm x 11pcs, 16mm – 2kg, 20mm – 2kg, 250ml, 30ml, 16mm – 5kg, 20mm – 5kg, 26mm – 5kg, 16mm – 30kg (6x5kg), 20mm – 30kg (6x5kg), 26mm – 30kg (6x5kg)

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