the innovative bait needle and imperial baits package

63,80  49,90 


    the innovative bait needle and imperial baits package

    63,80  49,90 

    Includes 20% MwSt. AT
    Delivery Time: Boilies: ca. 1-3 Weeks. Innovative bait needle: ca. 4-6 Weeks

    innovative bait needle and Imperial Baits – the perfect combination.

    Order now, baits will be shipped in October 2019, the bait needle will be delivered in November 2019.

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    Set includes:

    • 1x Imperial Baits Carptrack Boilie 2 kg / 20 mm of the selected variation
    • 1x Imperial Baits Carptrack Amino DIP 150 ml of the selected variation
    • 1x Imperial Baits Carptrack Amino GEL 100 g of the selected variation
    • 1x Innovative Bait Needle with the selected colour variation


    Successful baits since 2004!
    Exactly the same mix that we use for our legendary Carptrack boilies, is available to buy as Carptrack boilie mix, for those of you, who prefer rolling themselves. In addition to this successful mix, we use highly attractive flavours and additives like Carptrack inLiquid, Carptrack Liquid Amino, Essential Oils as well as NHDC Liquid. Everything you need to improve your angling and allow you to fully concentrate on your location and perseverance.

    Unique and outstanding!
    Our boilies all in one! Attractors, instant and long session bait! Our mission is the creation and production of boilies with a substantial nutritional value, balanced to the carp’s needs, produced with various natural and highly attractive meals. We make sure these are partly highly soluble and work as palatants even from a distance to get the carp’s interest. Sophisticated stabilisation against mould, whilst retaining the superb quality is one of our top priorities.

    Stay fresh for a long time!
    The ability to retain moisture is very much appreciated by our loyal customers. Stabilising the Carptrack boilies is a time consuming and expensive process, but absolutely essential. The taste is barely affected. The boilies are protected from mould for a minimum of two years in the bag. It also adds the benefit that even once the bag has been opened, the product doesn’t dry out as quickly and retains their juiciness over a long period of time. This is a very important bonus, which is a top priority for many carp anglers. No matter when you need them, your boilies will be fresh and catchy!

    High in protein and full with attractors!
    Monster-Liver, Monster‘s Paradise, CRAWFISH and Fish have the highest amount of protein – closely followed by Elite and Elite Strawberry. Balancing in regards to the effect of the attractors, which derives through the amino acid profile of the proteins, we further enriched them with Osmotic Oriental Spice, Birdfood Banana Boilies and Uncle Bait – Extra Strong with highly attractive meals and liquid components, such as inLiquid, Liquid Amino and the fabulous Carptrack NHDC.

    The complete package – smell, taste and nutritional value!
    Attractive, water soluble smell and taste, a current nutritional value, which provides the fish with energy and the meals high in protein, derived through the amino acid profile, make the Carptrack Range, consisting of additives, mixes and boilies the most exceptional

    A carp catching guarantor!
    The results on this bait have been exceptional right from the start and are to this day. The feedback from our customers and our team anglers are our motivation to carry on each and every day.

    Imperial Baits – the art of Bait!

    Additional information

    Imperial Baits Set

    Banana, Crawfish, Mega Krill

    Needle: Colour Tensioner

    Black, Green, Magenta, Red-Orange

    Needle: Colour Slider

    Black, Green, Magenta, Red-Orange

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