the innovative bait needle


    the innovative bait needle


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    The innovative bait needle – for all passionate carp anglers. The only tool you will ever need for mounting your baits. With this needle you can even pierce the hardest boilies centered, the bait remains untouched and your fingers are always clean and safe. Try it out, you’ll be thrilled.

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    Order your innovative bait needle now and be part of wizetackle.

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    The innovative bait needle

    The only tool you will ever need for mounting your baits, this bait needle will revolutionize your tackle box!

    Advantages of the innovative bait needle:

    • Useable for all kind of carp baits
    • No need of touching your glugged/dipped baits
    • Perfect centered pierced boilies
    • No need of touching your baits, while using sunscreen or mosquito repellent
    • Hard boilies/baits can be easily mounted – no pre-drilling necessary
    • Your fingers are always safe
    • More space in your tackle box – only one tool instead of three (3in1)!

    The innovative bait needle has been tested now for couple of months by very good carp anglers and carp fishing companies. All this valuable feedback is implemented and now for your tackle box available!


    You can use it for all kind of carp baits:

    • Boilies (round or dumbell – the shape doesn’t matter)
    • Tigernuts
    • Corn
    • Etc…



    In addition to that you can use it for all kind of rigs, doesn’t matter if you use:

    • Bait floss
    • Standard hair and stopper
    • Rubber ring
    • Etc…


    Boilies are simply pierced centered, that means your baits are always perfectly presented on the hair. In addition to that, hard baits no longer need to be pre-drilled as this is no longer necessary due to the functional design. Wizetackle has always paid attention to a safe use of the needle. The BEST, however, and therefore a WORLDWIDE NOVELTY is that the baits to be mounted no longer need to be touched! The one tool for all baits. You can use it with hard boilies, dipped/glugged boilies, tiger nuts and corn while your hands stay safe and clean. It’s 3 in 1 – you never need a separate bait needle, bait drill or boilie grabber anymore. The innovative bait needle is the only carp bait tool you will ever need.

    Here you can see it in action: tips and tricks


    If you order more than one of the same bait needle you get reduced shipping costs. For details, find out more in the checkout process.

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