terms of guarantee

Dear customer,

hereby wizetackle grants you a voluntary guarantee for the product “the innovative bait needle” for a period of 12 months. The guarantee period starts from the date of purchase. The guarantee declaration only applies within the territory of the European Union. If a problem with the product occurs within the specified period despite proper use, you can return the product to us. Our repair service will then check the damaged product and repair it if necessary. If the repair is expected to take more than 10 days or will cause unreasonable costs, we will provide you with a replacement product. When you ship the product, please package it so that it will not be damaged during transport and send it together with a copy of the invoice to the following address:
Jürgen Kiszilak & Karlheinz Ganster GesbR
Dornau 24
8492 Halbenrain
We will then return the repaired product or your replacement product to your shipping address. The costs for the outbound and return shipment are to be paid by the buyer. In order to ensure the fastest possible service, we would ask you to send us a detailed description of the cause of the damage.

Please note: The legal warranty is not limited by this voluntary guarantee.